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Can I use the library databases when I am off-campus?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources databases



All current students, faculty, and staff of Assumption University can use all of our library resources both on and off campus.  When selecting a database from the Library website, you'll be prompted to enter your Assumption email address and password. This will allow access.

If you go directly to a subscribed resource using Google or a direct link instead of through the d'Alzon library, you can often simply edit the URL so that it recognizes that you are a d'Alzon Library student/faculty, which will allow access.

Add to the beginning of the existing URL (be sure to keep the initial “http://” or “https://”).


If the URL of an article is:

Edit the URL to look like this:

Note: This will only work if the d’Alzon Library has a subscription to the resource.