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How can I install MobilePrint (HoundPrint) on my personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    technology

Follow these helpful instructions to use MobilePrint on your personal devices.  If you get stuck, ask a librarian for help or visit the IT Help Desk!

Works with: personal computers, laptops, iPads, smartphones, Chromebooks

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Can I print in the library?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    technology

Library printers are located on the first floor.  Users may print from the library computers or their own personal devices.  All printers are black and white only, and free of charge.  

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Does the library have textbooks?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    textbooks borrowing

The library has a small collection of textbooks and other required course readings available on reserve for students.  To find a complete list of these items, use the Course Reserves button from the library homepage.  Materials are organized according to course number.  Keep in mind that this collection is small, and many classes are not yet included. Books that have been placed on reserve can only be used within the Library building.  To use a reserved book, just ask for it at the Front Desk.  Keep in mind that a free scanner is available on the first floor if you would like to make copies of specific sections.

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How can I connect to the wireless network?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    technology

Assumption University students can connect to the ACStudent wireless network by entering their Assumption username and password. 

Visitors to the library that are not affiliated with Assumption University can connect to the ACGuest network by following the registration instructions to receive a temporary password.  The ACGuest network is not secure and will not provide access to library databases.

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How do I reserve a study room?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    library spaces

Study rooms can be reserved by using the Book a Study Room button on the left side of the Library homepage.  Six study rooms are available on the first floor, and three additional study rooms are available on the third floor.  Reservations are limited to 2 hours per day and may be made up to 2 weeks in advance.

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Where can I find the Library's print journals?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources library spaces

As you search in our databases, you may find that an "Article Linker" button brings you to a page that states your article is "Available from Assumption University Print Journals."  If you click this link, you will see a description of how many issues (and what publication dates) we own in a box to the right under the heading "Access Options."  For example, "v.22-v.43; 1996-2017" indicates that the library has volume 22 through volume 43 (dates 1996 through 2017) on the shelf.

Most of these print issues will be shelved on "Journals - 2nd floor".  The collections of journal issues will be arranged alphabetically by title, so that journals beginning with the letter A appear on the shelves closest to the stairs on the second floor of the library building.  Multiple issues of the same journal publication are bound together and resemble a large hardcover book.  They will be organized by volume number and issue number, which you will have from the citation found in the database.


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How do I use a call number to locate a book in the library?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources borrowing

If you are searching for a book through the main search bar on the Library's homepage, you will see a call number included for each print book in your search results.

Here is an example of a call number: PR6062 .I89 H69 2012

On the spine of the book, it will look like this:


All of the books are arranged on the shelves alphabetically.  So this book is shelved after the A's, B's, etc. and after the PA's, PB's, etc, until you get to PR.

Then start the PR 1's, 2's, etc. until you get to number 6062.  If there are a lot of PR 6062's, then we look at the third line down (.N89) and start again.  It's easy to get confused, so please visit the Front Desk for help.




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Who can visit the library?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    basics

The library is open to all members of the Assumption community, as well as outside visitors.
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How can I schedule a research appointment with a librarian?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources help

To schedule a research appointment, follow the Meet with a Librarian link found on the left side of the Library's homepage.

Appointments are typically 30 minutes long and can be held in-person at the Library or online over Zoom.  Bring a copy of your course assignment and any research questions you may have!  Questions we commonly hear at appointments include: How do I know a source is peer reviewed?  How do I use this database?  How should I cite this source?  Where else should I look for more sources?  Research appointments provide great one-on-one library help and are available to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.

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Can I use the library databases when I am off-campus?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources databases


All current students, faculty, and staff of Assumption University can use all of our library resources both on and off campus.  When selecting a database from the Library website, you'll be prompted to enter your Assumption email address and password. This will allow access.

If you go directly to a subscribed resource using Google or a direct link instead of through the d'Alzon library, you can often simply edit the URL so that it recognizes that you are a d'Alzon Library student/faculty, which will allow access.

Add to the beginning of the existing URL (be sure to keep the initial “http://” or “https://”).


If the URL of an article is:

Edit the URL to look like this:

Note: This will only work if the d’Alzon Library has a subscription to the resource.


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My professor put an item on reserve.  Where can I find it?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    textbooks borrowing

Print items placed on reserve are shelved behind the Front Desk of the Library.  They can only be used within the Library building.  A complete list of our print reserve items can be found by following the Course Reserves button on the Library homepage.

All electronic reserves, such as articles and book chapters, are posted to the Brightspace course page.  To access the readings, click on e-Reserves under Content when logged in to your course page in Brightspace.

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How do I make copies?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    technology

Use our free scanner to send files directly to HoundPrint.

We have an easy to use, touch-screen scanner located on the first floor of the Library.  You can send files directly to HoundPrint, or email them to any email address.  You can also save your scans as audio files or PDFs to your USB device.

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Where can I find the Wall Street Journal?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources databases

Recent print issues of the Wall Street Journal are shelved on the first floor of the Library.  They are available for in-library use only.  You can find online versions of the Wall Street Journal through our library databases.  Watch our video to learn more:

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How can I find peer reviewed articles in a library database?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources

There are a couple different ways to find peer reviewed articles. You can use the main search bar on the Library's homepage. Use the filters on the left side of the search result screen to limit your results to Peer Reviewed under Content, and Article/Chapter under Format.

Additionally, you could use the Article Databases button on the Library's homepage and start your search in one of our specific databases. Most of the databases include filters to limit your results. Look carefully for a check box option for Peer Reviewed. Can't seem to find it? Ask a librarian for help!

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How can I use Interlibrary Loan to request a book from another library?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    InterLibrary Loan find sources borrowing

Use the main search bar from the Library homepage and select the "Libraries Worldwide" filter option located on the left side of your search results page. Click on the title of the item you want and then click on the blue "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button.  When prompted, log into your ILL account. The request form should have been filled out automatically by the system - if some spaces are blank, that's okay! Scroll down and click on "Submit Request."  You will receive an email when your book arrives, usually within 5-7 business days. You can have the book shipped to your address, or pick it up from our Library Front Desk.  If you need the book shipped to your address, please include that information in the "Notes" section of your request form.

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Does the Library have copies of theses from the Assumption Honors Program?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    honors theses

Yes, copies of the Honors theses are shelved on the second floor of the library.  

A select number of theses are also available online through our institutional repository!  

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Where is the French Institute located?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    library spaces

The French Institute has relocated from its longtime home on the 3rd floor of the d'Alzon Library to the 3rd floor in La Maison Française.

To contact the French Institute, please email

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How can I use Turnitin to check my paper for plagiarism?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    plagiarism citations

Students can upload their paper to Turnitin through Brightspace in the Turnitin Paper Checking Course. 

Papers will be compared against billions of documents and students receive a comparison document called an Originality Report or a Similarity Report.  This is a great tool to use before submitting a paper to your professor.  Learn more about using Turnitin in our Writing and Citing Research Guide.

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How do I write MLA citations?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    citations

We recommend these online guides to help you with your MLA style citations:

  • MLA Formatting and Style Guide from Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  • The MLA Style Center is run by the MLA and has editors who will answer questions, FAQ, and blogs that go deeply into knotty documentation issues. Find MLA sample papers, formatting tips, and a Works Cited guide.

We also have print copies of the MLA Handbook available for use at the Research Help Desk and the Reference shelf on the first floor of the Library.  Additionally, many of the databases provide citations, though you should proofread them for accuracy.

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Is there a color printer in the Library?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    technology

No, there are no color printers available in the Library. 

Students who wish to print in color can contact Curry Printing at  There will be an associated fee and items may need to be shipped to campus.

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