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How can I tell if the library has access to the full-text of an article?

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On the list of database search results, look for a link to a .PDF or .HTML file. You can view, download, print, or save those files.

Otherwise, look for the orange "Article Linker" button. By clicking on this button, you are asking the system to check all other Assumption College databases for the full-text of this article. The following page will notify you with a large "Full Text Online" link if you can access the full-text in a different database.

If the page has no such notification and instead reads "Sorry this item is not available," you cannot access the full-text of the article at that moment. However, you can always submit an InterLibrary Loan request which should provide you with an electronic copy of the requested article within 1-3 business days.

You may also be directed to follow a link which will show which years of that journal we have in print on the second floor of the library. Compare those years to the year your article was published. If we do not have the correct year in print, you should submit an InterLibrary Loan request.

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Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about InterLibrary Loan?

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Email the d'Alzon Library InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Department at ill@assumption.edu or call 508-767-7135.
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Are there computers available for public use in the Library?

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Yes, there are computers available for public use on the first floor of the Library. 

Additionally, the Library has laptops which can be borrowed from the Front Desk and used anywhere in the building - a great option if you prefer working on our quieter third floor.  Library users can check out laptops for up to 3 hours and must be used within the Library (they cannot leave the building).  When you check out a laptop, you are responsible for the laptop itself ($1400), the laptop case ($60), and the power cord ($60).  Do not leave the laptop unattended.  Anything you save on the laptop will be deleted upon restart.  Please save all documents and downloads to a flash drive and/or email them to yourself.

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Can I donate used books to the Library?

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The Library does not accept book donations. 

If you wish to donate books, the following libraries and organizations accept used books:

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Can I use my Assumption ID card to visit other local libraries?

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Assumption students and faculty may borrow directly from libraries in the Academic and Research Collaborative (ARC).  Please obtain an ARC direct borrowing card at the d'Alzon Library Front Desk in order to borrow directly from an ARC member library.
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How can I download an e-book to my computer or device to read off-line?

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In order to download an e-book, you must sign in with your Assumption Email address and Password, have (or create) an Adobe ID, and install an additional software program/app, depending on your device.  You can find detailed instructions for downloading to the most common devices on our E-book Help page.
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Where is the French Institute located?

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The French Institute is located on the 3rd floor of the d'Alzon Library. 

For current operating hours, please call 508.767.7415 or email instfran@assumption.edu

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How can I install HoundPrint on my personal laptop?

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The Library has a handout with detailed instructions and helpful screen shots.  Stop by the Research Help Desk for a copy.  The librarians are happy to help you with the process!

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Does the library have textbooks?

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Generally, the library does not collect textbooks.  

However, we would be happy to check our collections for you.  Additionally, it's possible that your instructor placed a copy of your textbook on reserve, which means that it can be borrowed for short periods of time for in-library use.  Check with the Front Desk to find out if an item has been placed on reserve for your course.

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How do I know if Assumption College Library has a specific book, movie, or article?

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Enter the title within quotation marks in the main search box from the Library's homepage. Use the format filter on the right side of the box to narrow your search results to books, articles, or movies depending on which type of source you are trying to locate.

If we have it, follow the "View eBook," "View full text," or "View Now" button to access any available electronic sources. 

If the item you have found is a print book, record the Call Number and location information to find it on our shelves.

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How do I use a call number to locate a book in the library?

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If you are searching for a book through the main search bar on the Library's homepage, you will see a call number included for each print book in your search results.

Here is an example of a call number: PR6062 .I89 H69 2012

On the spine of the book, it will look like this:


All of the books are arranged on the shelves alphabetically.  So this book is shelved after the A's, B's, etc. and after the PA's, PB's, etc, until you get to PR.

Then start the PR 1's, 2's, etc. until you get to number 6062.  If there are a lot of PR 6062's, then we look at the third line down (.N89) and start again.  It's easy to get confused, so please visit the Front Desk for help.




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Can I use the library databases when I am off-campus?

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All current students, faculty, and staff of Assumption College can use all of our library resources both on and off campus.  When selecting a database from the Library website, you'll be prompted to enter your Assumption College email address and password.

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Where can I find the Library's print journals?

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As you search in our databases, you may be directed to check the Library's Print Journals for the full-text of a specific article.  Follow the link and scroll down to the Library Owns section in order to see which years of the publication are owned by the Library.

If the Library's Print Journals include the correct year that you need, you can find it on the second floor.  The collections of journal issues will be arranged alphabetically by title, so that journals beginning with the letter A appear on the shelves closest to the stairs.  Multiple issues of the same journal publication are bound together and resemble a large hardcover book.  They will be organized by volume number and issue number, which you will have from the citation found in the database.


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How do I make copies?

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Use our free scanner to send files directly to HoundPrint.

We have an easy to use, touch-screen scanner located on the first floor of the Library.  You can send files directly to HoundPrint, or email them to any email address.  You can also save your scans as audio files or PDFs to your USB device.

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Can I watch a DVD or Blu-ray in the library?

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There is a television with capability to watch a DVD or VHS in Group Study Room #310 on the third floor of the library.  Additionally, a region-free Blu-ray player is connected to the television in Group Study Room #125 on the first floor of the library. 

We recommend that you reserve the appropriate study room in advance if you need to watch a DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS.

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Do I need to return my Interlibrary Loan item?

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It depends.

If you have received an electronic item, such as a .PDF copy of an article, there is no need to return the item. 

If you have requested and received a print book, which was checked out to you from our Library Front Desk, you will need to return the book to our Front Desk or to any other library in the state of Massachusetts.  If you live outside of the state, you must use your local post office or FED-EX service to return the item to our address:

Assumption College
Emmanuel d'Alzon Library
500 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609

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How do I know which database I should use to search for my topic?

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You can view a complete list of our available databases in the Databases A-Z list under Quick Links on the Library homepage. Use the drop-down menu option to filter the list according to a specific subject.

Another method would be to use a Research Guide. Select a Research Guide that applies to your course or your subject area. Within the Guide, you should find a brief list of recommended databases.

If you are still unsure, try searching a generalized database like Academic Search Premier, or ask a librarian for help!

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How do I find out if the Library has a specific magazine, newspaper, or journal title?

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Use the "Journals by Title" link located above the main search bar on the Library homepage. Enter the title of the specific magazine, newspaper, or journal that you need. 

After you click "Search", the system will bring you a list of databases that provide full-text access to your title. Next to each database name, you can find the dates that are available for your title (for example, 01/01/1990 to 01/01/1998 in Academic Search Premier). 

Additionally, "Our Library's Print Journals" may be listed with the databases, which informs you that the Library has copies of your title available in print on our shelves. Follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the next page to see which dates are available in print.

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How can I find peer reviewed articles in a library database?

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There are a couple different ways to find peer reviewed articles. You can use the main search bar on the Library's homepage. Use the filters on the left side of the search result screen to limit your results to Peer Reviewed under Content, and Article/Chapter under Format.

Additionally, you could use the Databases A-Z link under the Quick Links on the Library's homepage and start your search in one of our specific databases. Most of the databases include filters to limit your results. Look carefully for a check box option for Peer Reviewed. Can't seem to find it? Ask a librarian for help!

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Where are the Bibles, Bible commentaries, and Bible dictionaries?

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Many of these books are shelved on the first floor of the library. They are part of the reference collection and are available for in-library use only.  You may scan the sections you need.

There are additional copies shelved on the third floor and available to be checked out from the library. To find a specific title and location information (call number) you can use the main search bar on the Library homepage or ask us!

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