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Where can I find the Library's print journals?

Last updated on Aug 09, 2019    find sources library spaces


As you search in our databases, you may find that an "Article Linker" button brings you to a page that states your article is "Available from Assumption College Print Journals."  If you click this link, you will see a description of how many issues (and what publication dates) we own underneath a grey colored box titled "Holding Summary."  For example, "v.22-v.43; 1996-2017" indicates that the library has volume 22 through volume 43 (dates 1996 through 2017) on the shelf.

Most of these print issues will be shelved on "d'Alzon Library Journals - 2nd floor".  The collections of journal issues will be arranged alphabetically by title, so that journals beginning with the letter A appear on the shelves closest to the stairs on the second floor of the library building.  Multiple issues of the same journal publication are bound together and resemble a large hardcover book.  They will be organized by volume number and issue number, which you will have from the citation found in the database.