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How do I find out if the Library has a specific magazine, newspaper, or journal title?

Last updated on Aug 08, 2022    find sources


Select the "Journal Titles" tab above the main search bar on the Library homepage. Enter the title of the specific magazine, newspaper, or journal that you need. 

After you click "Search", locate the correct journal title from your list of results.  Click on the blue "Access Online" button to find out which issues (or which publication dates) we own in our collections.  Follow the "View online"  link next to the collection that includes the journal issue you need.

Occasionally, the journal title that you search for is available only in print.  In those cases, there will be no "Access Online" button available.  Instead, you will see how many issues (and what publication dates) we own in print.  For example, "v.22-v.43; 1996-2017" indicates that the library has volume 22 through volume 43 (dates 1996 through 2017) on the shelf.  You can learn how to locate our print journals here or ask a librarian for help!